Stealth: The Art of Deception

Stealth: The Art of Deception

Release Data: 2023

Ever since the Greeks abandoned the battlefield at Troy, leaving behind them an innocent looking model of a horse, deception and camouflage have been a powerful weapon in the armoury of war. This remarkable and immensely entertaining programme takes us on a journey through history, from the bits of hedgerow stuck into the helmet of the sniper on the Somme, to the curving patterns of camouflage paint on the allied tanks that smashed their way through Caen, and finally to the ultimate camouflage of the stealth bombers that are invisible to the probing eye of radar. Its a great story very well told.

Duration: 00:27:04

Rating: PG-13

Starring: William Woollard

Director: William Woollard

Rights: Worldwide

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